Sunday, August 16, 2015

What A Lifesaver!!

"Powered by TripleClicks" Power Bank lets you charge up your cell phone, tablet, etc., wherever you are!

* Strong, sleek, shiny metal case.

* This little guy can be a lifesaver when your device needs a recharge, but at just 13/16" x 3-3/4", it takes up almost no room in your brief case, purse, or glove compartment.

* Features an internal lithium ion battery with 2200mAh capacity that allows you to charge your device anywhere, even without electricity!

* Simply charge up the power bar with the included 20" USB/micro-pin cord.

* When you need to charge your phone or other device, simply connect your own USB charging cable to the power bar to juice it up. Can provide hours of additional energy to your devices.

* Light on top tells you when your device is charged.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Michelle Harris Typing Service

Michelle Harris Typing Service is inquiring about assisting your company/office with our services. Our goal is to be the only typing service you will ever need. Here are just a few of the services we have to offer:

General Typing

* Manuscripts
* Employee/Safety Manuals
* Mailing/Address Labels
* Handwritten Documents

Legal Documents

* Pleadings
* Briefs
* Interrogatories
* General Correspondence

Business/Financial Documents

* Lease
*Employee Handbooks
*Contracts and Agreements
* Real Estate Contracts

Accuracy and dependability are the focal points of Michelle Harris Typing Service. Thank you for your time and conderation and MHTS is looking forward to hearing from your office soon. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any and all questions and concerns. 


Michelle Harris

Saturday, November 1, 2014

NJ Transit Worse Bus Line Ever

Riding the bus is easy on the pockets compared to having a car. You don't have to pay for gas or worry about maintenence, that's the bus driver's job 

It also provides a sense of convenience. As a passenger, you get to look around, enjoy the scenery, or even get a little shut eye depending on how long your ride is. 

Those are the advantages. So, what are the disadvantages? Let's see. People are loud, the bus or people smell, it's crowded, oh yeah- the biggest....THE BUS IS LATE!!!!!!!

That was my experience Monday, October 27, 2014. I work as a home health aid and take public transportation to get back and forth from work. My last case is on the bus line, #72, on Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ. Now don't get me wrong, NJ Transit have good drivers who are ALWAYS on time, such as the #11 driver when I am going to my first case. He is the 8:30 express to Willowbrook Mall in Woodbridge and the female driver when I am done with that same case in the afternoon. Same bus line, headed towards Newark. I can count on them to het me where I need to go...ON TIME!!!!

Now this 72 bus headed to Newark from Paterson. Oh my stars. I have been taking this bus line since, say, June. My case ends af 7:30 and I am not far from the bus stop, maybe 3 minutes away once I leave the house. The bus is due around 7:50 pm. Plenty of time right. Maybe 2 times out of ten, it was ON TIME!!! Other than that, it would come 20 minutes after 8 pm. I have to admit there was a time of maybe nearly a week and half it came on time. 

Now, on 10/27/14 I get out at 7:30, not too bad of a night. bus. Okay, no big deal. bus. I use something called Transit app, you can get it from the Google Play Store. It is usually on point showing where the bus is and how long it will take to get to where you are. But this night, it didn't change showing a closer time and for good reason. The bus was going to be late. How late???? The bus didn't come until......9:20!!!!!!!!     An hour an a half later. I hear others complain about this line, saying "it's the worse!!!" I can understand why. 

I hope NJ Transit do something soon. This is just too much!!!!

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Letter of complaint

Have a complaint?

Unsatisfied with a product or service?

Want to voice your opinion but don't know the right words to say?

I will write a letter of complaint that will convey your feelings and thoughts in a professional manner.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to turn Cupcakes into cash

The cupcake business is booming, so why not be apart of it?

Reasons why it would work:

  People loves sweets
  It's easy to eat, no fork, spoon needed
  You can bake a lot in a short amount of time.

You will learn:

Dirt cheap ways to get your business known
Free and easy way to create advertising

Also included 4 bonus offers. 

Don't wait start NOW!!!

Just think you can be on the next Cupcake Wars